Your home is one of the most important and expensive investments you will ever make. We will take the time to insure that you are safe and that devices are located in a convenient, cost efficient location.

Some of our safety features include:

  • Panel Inspection - Visual Inspection, load, and voltage testing.
  • Tamper Resistant Receptacles - Used primarily to help decrease electrical shock from foreign objects into receptacles.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles - Stops power when the receptacle detects a hazard.
  • Whole Home Surge Protection - Protect your whole home with phone, cable, and panel protection. Be prepared for lightening or voltage spikes.
  • Arc Fault Protection - Protects your bedrooms against any electrical spark associated with the circuit.
  • Clean up low Voltage Cables - Did you know? A phone line gets 90 volts and cords running across your floor or walls are trip hazards and an eye sore.
  • Exhaust Fans - Help eliminate mold by having a properly insulated and sized fan to remove moisture.
  • Code Defects - We will close any open junctions, replace any broken or missing cover plates, eliminate the need for extension cord use or anything that makes your home unsafe.
  • Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detector - Interconnect all floors, that way if the detector senses a hazard on one floor it notifies every floor. Batteries used only as a back up.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Automatic lighting - Great for front entrances, stairwells, bathrooms, any location that is a nuisance to turn on and shut off a light.

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What to Expect

When you contact our company, you will be speaking with Kate or Devon. Since it is really hard to estimate most jobs over the phone, we like to come out to your business or home and look at the work your asking us to do. We do this free of charge at your convenience. We are aware that we could drag dirt or mud into your business or home and will take appropriate measures to minimize it (for example wearing booties on carpet) upon arrival. After we have an understanding of the work needing to be done, we can provide a typed estimate on site and discuss it with you. For your convenience we can provide you a copy by email or print. What to Expect

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